Breaking New Ground: Public Presentations by University of Tasmania PhD Candidates

This year’s annual Royal Society of Tasmania meeting presents an opportunity to hear University of Tasmania PhD candidates tell us about their research topics.

Priyadarshni Bindal investigates barriers to oral care access for community-dwelling seniors, aiming to design an oral health strategy to improve and maintain quality of life. An oral health professional, clinical academic and researcher, Priya won the best presenter award at Federation Dental Internationale held in Poland in 2016.

Eric Gubesch will present the opportunities and challenges of generating renewable energy from ocean waves.  A Bachelor of Ocean Engineering, he will introduce different types of wave energy converters with a focus on the oscillating water column type.

Kate Edwards is investigating the connection between exercise-induced gut damage, oestrogen and the gut microbiome and how it may impact female health and performance. She completed her MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at the University of Westminster in London.

This event is free for members of the Royal Society of Tasmania, $6 for general admission, and $4 for students, QVMAG Friends, and members of   Launceston Historical Society.

Presentations will also be available online via Zoom; register at


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