Takayna Bioblitz

The takayna BioBlitz is a festival of science in nature, held in one of the world’s last truly wild places. This event brings together scientists, experts, naturalists and members of the public for a weekend of environmental scientific discovery.

The main goal of BioBlitz 2022 is to survey the biological diversity of the threatened ecosystems of takayna to assist in the Bob Brown Foundation’s campaign to have takayna protected as a World Heritage listed National Park. The data collected will be uploaded to iNaturalist and become part of the Natural Values Atlas, an authoritative, comprehensive information source of Tasmania’s natural values.

This year, field surveys will be conducted in the southeast of takayna, sites covering a variety of ecosystems including the button grass moorlands, alpine grasslands, eucalyptus forests, rainforests and rivers.

The central base camp in Waratah will provide facilities to share discoveries, identify and collate specimens, database entry and a chance to listen to the survey leaders discuss their field of expertise.

Tickets include participation in various field surveys, camping and full vegan catering.
1 day: $60
2 days: $120
3 days: $180

Child (up to 17):
1 day: $10
2 days: $20
3 days: $30

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