Australia's Biggest School Excursion – the Jenolan Caves Investigation Program

Be a part of Australia’s Biggest School Excursion! Join IntoScience & CSIRO on a virtual excursion to the infamous Jenolan Caves and explore a digital replica of this natural wonder. No crowds, no permission slips … just a FREE, totally immersive, educational experience.
We are inviting you and your school to join us on Australia’s Biggest (virtual) School Excursion to the infamous Jenolan Caves.

In partnership with CSIRO, we are proud to present the first real-world learning environment for teachers and students – the Jenolan Caves Investigation Program.

Together with CSIRO we have developed a totally immersive learning environment which replicates the natural features of the Jenolan Caves. This online learning environment gives students the opportunity to experience the Jenolan Caves right from their classroom, undertaking a series of investigative tasks (all curriculum aligned) which teach students how the caves were formed over time.

During National Science Week we will be opening the entry gates to the Jenolan Caves and allowing students to virtually explore the marvels of one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious wonders.

Register your school today to be part of this historic event which is set to change the education landscape as we know it. Being a virtual excursion, you get all of the benefits and none of the downfalls to attending an excursion of this scale. That means no crowds, no permission slips, no bus trips … just a totally immersive, educational experience. With FREE access, this is an excursion not to be missed!

For further information, please contact:
Gerhard Merrick
3P Learning
Phone: 02 9019 2850