Antibiotic Armageddon: Do We Have Hope?

In the microscopic world, a silent but significant war is raging against superbugs, or Antimicrobial-Resistant (AMR) bacteria. These tiny troublemakers adapt to resist drugs designed to kill them, making infections harder to treat.

The victories and setbacks in the battle against AMR reveal success stories and concerns. While we’ve developed life-saving antibiotics, their misuse has led to superbugs gaining strength.¬†The United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on AMR¬†leads the global effort to address this growing threat. Cooperation is crucial because superbugs don’t respect borders; they affect people worldwide, and to truly make a difference, we need to rethink our current approach.

Join our Distinguished Alumni Award recipient and AMR expert, Professor Tim Walsh, to discover how we might turn the tide and ensure a healthier future for generations to come. He says it’s not only about creating new medicines; it’s about changing the way we use them.

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