2015 Geography and Spatial Sciences Conference

The Geography and Spatial Sciences Annual Conference is a celebration of the internationally-leading research within and across the fields of Geography and Spatial Sciences, School of Land and Food, University of Tasmania.
We are tackling some of the world’s most significant problems, relating to environmental sustainability, understanding the effects of climate change, management of wilderness regions, food security and the social and cultural importance of space and place.
The conference organisers warmly invite interested colleagues from industry, government, NGOs, the public and the wider University, to join with our research community to discuss recent findings and learn the impact our research is having globally, nationally and locally.
The conference is a focal point of our discipline for 2015, bringing together our PhD students, adjunct researchers, postdoctoral researchers and academic staff in the one place to share ideas over two days.

Keynote speakers:

  •  Michael Lockwood
    Associate Professor of Environmental Planning and Management, University of Tasmania
  • Stephan Winter
    Professor of Geomatics, University of Melbourne
Keynote speaker biographies and abstracts to be published soon
Cost: $30 salaried, $10 non-salaried, includes all catering for both days (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and social closing afternoon tea celebration)