National Science Week Tasmania

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. In Tasmania, this is more like science month! In a typical year, there are 80-100 public events and almost every school has events on top of that.

The ABC Hobart radio broadcast stall showing logos in a big round circle, and tons of visitors to the Festival of Bright Ideas in a crowd, various ages and clothing styles. It's in a warehouse with tall ceilings and conveys a noisy, fun atmosphere.
The ABC were media partners for the Festival of Bright Ideas and had an activity where people could try out their radio broadcast skills. (2021)

Tasmania enjoys all types of events and activities, big and small. Young Tassie Scientists will be touring Tasmania, visiting schools and community groups, to share their love of science. Larger events this year include the Festival of Bright Ideas, the Circular Head Big Gig, and Beaker Street Festival. The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery also celebrate Science Week with a suite of events each year.

A mobile photo from above of speakers on a small stage at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery open floor gallery, with some small tables with guests watching the speakers. There are 6 people on stage and a sign language translator to the side. Event signage includes Inspiring Tasmania, National Science Week, and Beaker Street Festival. Sound engineers sit to the right side.
Beaker Street Festival live at TMAG as seen by a visitor. (2021)

Science made Beerable’s event, ExBEERable is back with more beer and more science! Not only do we have the science of beer, but we also have the science of chocolate!

There are events happening all over Tasmania! Explore southern Tasmania with a Huon Valley STEM tour and the Huon Valley Huon Pine Celebration. Join the Midlands Biodiversity Field Day and learn about the research, ecological management and restoration initiatives that have been happening in the Midlands. Join the travelling performance art journey through lutruwita in Deep Time, taking place at four beautiful regional locations around Tasmania. Learn how scientists listen in on the secret lives of bats and bitterns on the east coast. Visit the 3D animal vagina exhibit in Hobart.

In the foreground is four different craft beer cans of varying designs. In the background is a long bench full of people with fairy lights all over the ceiling. It's a night time scene, contemporary pub atmosphere.
Science Made Beerable event with custom four-pack. (2021)

For the kids, Wings Wildlife Parks is offering a Junior Keeper Program, providing a glimpse into the day-to-day duties of a wildlife keeper, and the Salvation Army and Resource Work Co-operative have a children’s program all about composting and recycling.

So get involved! Follow our social media to get updates on all things #scienceweek in Tassie! Hope to see you at one of the events in August!