Youth Climate Action Fund Info Session

Climate change is impacting our lives now.

Youth-led climate action is vital to tackling this crisis and can unlock greater benefits across our city such as reducing costs of living, improving health and restoring nature.

The City of Hobart is committed to working with youth to put in place practical solutions to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergency for current and future generations. It is why we partnered with Bloomberg Philanthropies to launch the new Youth Climate Action Fund to empower young people deliver urgent climate change projects in our city.

What is the Youth Climate Action Fund

The Youth Climate Action Fund supports youth-led activities that put in place urgent climate solutions that will help create a climate ready Hobart in the following priority areas:

  • Zero emissions transport and communities
  • Building climate resilience
  • Mobilising community action

To check Eligibility and learn How to Apply, click here. The Info Session is free just reserve a spot!