2024 Tasmanian National Science Week Engagement Grants Application Guidelines 

National Science Week, one of Australia’s largest national festivals, aims to raise the profile and increase public awareness of the importance of science, technology, and innovation in our society.   

National Science Week will be held from 10 to 18 August 2024 and aims to demonstrate the significance of a community approach to highlighting the importance of STEM (science, engineering, technology and maths). 

The Inspiring Australia Tasmania Reference Group is offering grants to fund a range of STEM engagement events and initiatives for Science Week 2024. Activities and events can be held during National Science Week, the week prior, or the week after National Science Week (3 – 25 August). 

Two types of grants are available for activities to be held in Tasmania in 2024*: 

  1. To support a public STEM engagement event/activity (maximum of $5000 per grant)
  2. To support a program of STEM events/activities delivered outside of the Greater Hobart area (maximum of $8000 per grant) 

Applications open on 26th February and close 8th April, 11.59 pm AEDT. Apply online here.  


The Tasmanian National Science Week Engagement Grants are open to any individual, community group, organisation, business, industry, state or local government organisation to help celebrate STEM.  

The grants should assist in bringing science to an increasing number of Tasmanians. The National Science Week aims are to:  

  • increase Australian community engagement with the sciences, through activities and events
  • increase positive public sentiment and awareness of the contribution and achievements of Australian scientists and innovators
  • improve communication between Australian scientists, the general public, businesses and government
  • enhance focus on building skills and capability in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and digital literacy in Australian schools and communities
  • increase engagement and participation of a diverse range of Australians, especially those historically under-represented in STEM.


To be eligible to apply for a grant, you can be:  

  • an individual (aged 18 years or older) 
  • a community group, association, or organisation 
  • a business, industry body or local government organisation 
  • state government department or agency with a community focus (e.g. libraries) 

Eligible costs

Eligible costs include:

  • Venue hire and event costs
  • Marketing and advertising, including printing and collateral
  • Transport and accommodation associated with the project
  • Equipment
  • Staff costs.  This includes staff costs for activity or program development or delivery but must be additional to hours already paid by your organisation/group. Staff costs will be capped at 20% of total grant amount.  Staff costs must be identified in detail in the budget including hourly rates and number of hours per task/activity. 

Ineligible Costs include:

  • Business As Usual costs
  • Staff costs for administering the grant or writing the grant or grant reporting
  • Projects or events that take place outside of 3-25th August 2024

In-Kind costs

In-kind costs refer to contributions made to a project that are not in the form of cash but rather goods, services, or assets. Be sure to list all in-kind contributions. This may include:

  • Staffing costs
  • Venue hire
  • Equipment use
  • Speaker fees

Assessment Criteria  

Eligible events/activities will meet one or more of the following criteria:  

  • Promote and encourage community interest and participation in STEM 
  • Inspire and encourage informed discussion around STEM-related topics  
  • Engage underrepresented or disadvantaged groups with STEM  
  • Inspire people to pursue an interest or career in science, including in younger people 
  • Inform businesses of the importance of STEM innovation to their long-term success  
  • Raise awareness of the contribution and achievements of Tasmanian scientists and innovators 
  • Communicate the relevance of STEM in everyday life 
  • Extend professional networks and partnership opportunities in STEM-related fields 

Funding requests for events that take place in a school for a student audience will not be eligible. Funding for school events is available through the National Science Week School Grants. Events hosted by schools for the community that include a non-school audience are eligible to apply. 

Projects funded by a national-level National Science Week grant will not be eligible.  

Applicants can apply for multiple types of Tasmanian Engagement Grants, with the selection committee making an assessment as to the engagement grant(s) funded. 

Grant applicants must be able to provide a valid tax invoice (ABN required) to receive funds***.   

Grant applicants must be able to acknowledge this grant funding by including National Science Week and Inspiring Australia logos on all promotional materials and list their event on the National Science Week website by 1 June 2024 


Events and activities must meet one, or more, of the above assessment criteria. 

As part of the application process, the following information will also be required:  where the event/activity will be held if it is an in-person activity, how the event/activity will be planned and promoted, which audience(s) will be targeted, any longer-term benefits that might be achieved, and details of any collaboration with local organisations/businesses/community groups to deliver the event/activity, where applicable.  

National Science Week events and activities may include, but are not limited to, applications for the following types of STEM engagement:  

  • hands-on science workshops or field activities  
  • science fairs, expos, shows or exhibitions  
  • science through the arts activities  
  • interactive online events  
  • podcasts    
  • video productions   
  • virtual tours    
  • presentations, demonstrations, lectures, and webinar 
  • citizen science activities   
  • storytelling    

All in-person activities and events must meet Tasmanian public health guidelines and are required to be delivered in a COVID-19 safe way. All activities must also comply with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

Assessment process 

The Tasmanian National Science Week Grants Sub-committee will assess all applications and determine which projects are to be partially or fully funded. Members of the grant assessment committee will identify any potential or actual conflicts of interest before applications are assessed – these issues will be managed accordingly.  

Selection will be based on the written information provided by the applicant. In some instances, the committee may request further information before making its final decision. 

The committee will consider: 

  • The applicant’s capacity to engage diverse Tasmanian audiences in one or more aspects of the STEM disciplines, including but not limited to groups historically under-represented in STEM**. In this context ‘STEM’ may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the life sciences, health sciences, climate change science, environmental science, agricultural science, chemistry, engineering, maths, physics, marine science, ecology, geography, psychology, computing and/or technology. 
  • Demonstration of innovative and engaging methods of science communication, that also align with one or more of the objectives of National Science Week. 
  • Submitted budget included with the application. Anticipated budget expenses would include venue hire, advertising and promotion, speaker or presenter fees, catering, activity supplies, COVID-safety compliance and exclude large capital purchases. A budget template is available here.

Key Dates

Date Milestone 
26 FebApplications open 
8 AprilApplications close 
19 April All applicants notified 
26 April Applicants accept grant 
29 April Grants announced publicly 
6 May Send tax invoice 
1 June Event/activity registered on National Science Week website 
August  Run event / activity 
Before 30 September  Evaluation report 
*dates subject to minor changes

Grant Applications 

Requirements for Grant Application  

  • Each grant application must comprise a fully completed grant application form. 
  • Each grant application must meet one or more of the assessment criteria to be considered. 
  • An evaluation report will be required within 6 weeks of the completion of the activity/event. The evaluation will include details of the activity/event, itemised expenditure of funds, audience numbers and reach, and the success of the event in meeting the nominated assessment criteria and one or more of the aims of National Science Week.   

Please complete the Application Form.   

If you have any questions about these grants, please contact inspiring.tasmania@utas.edu.au 

Helpful Resources

Want help writing a competitive grant application? Check out this webinar and this Science Week blog. You can find other resources to help you designing and promoting events here.


* Distribution of grant funding is contingent on the Australian Government funding allocation for National Science Week and may be subject to delays.

** Groups historically underrepresented in STEM are defined under the National School Reform Agreement and Advancing Women in STEM strategy to include but not limited to: 

  • First Nations peoples
  • people living with disabilities
  • women and girls
  • people facing age-based discrimination
  • culturally and linguistically diverse people
  • people with low socioeconomic status
  • LGBTQIA+ people
  • neurodivergent people
  • people living in regional and remote areas.

*** Special conditions apply for the payment of grant funds to University of Tasmania staff. An ABN is not required and arrangements for the disbursement of funds will be made on acceptance of a grant offer.