Fighting Fire with Early Detection and Rapid Response Technology

With fire season underway, our strategy for bushfires remains focused on early detection and rapid response.

Drier El Nino conditions have been declared for the current spring to early summer period and our number one priority is ensuring staff are prepared and ready to respond quickly and safely to fire incidents.

The Tasmanian Government Radio Network (TasGRN) is now operational and being utilised for PWS incidents and, in a first, the TasGRN Interoperability Talkgroup was utilised at the recent Friendly Beaches fire, which enabled communications between Tasmania Police and Fire Agencies for co-ordination of road closures and improve multi agency situational awareness in a highly dynamic environment.

This fire season sees the introduction of a new Forward Command trailer to our firefighting arsenal, increasing our ability to support fire teams in remote locations and improve the flow of communication between teams working in the field and incident control. The trailer was actively deployed and put through its paces at the recent Friendly Beaches fire and was able to share and transmit critical information from the field about fire location, status, and on ground conditions.

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