New Analytical Chemistry Training Centre ‘HyTECH’ Launches in Tasmania

A new centre for cutting-edge research and post-graduate training in the field of separation science has launched in Hobart, in a move that connects the University of Tasmania’s world-leading analytical chemistry research group with renowned academic and industrial leaders in the field around the country.

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Training Centre for Hyphenated Analytical Separation Techniques, known as HyTECH, will continue a long tradition in Tasmania of the development of new and advanced analytical chemistry technologies capable of isolating specific target molecules from within complex mixtures to accurately measure them.

HyTECH researchers and PhD students from across three partner institutions, which also include Deakin University in Victoria and The University of Queensland (UQ), will investigate the application of separation science to areas like food quality control, water and environmental monitoring, and fine chemical manufacturing processes.

HyTECH Director Professor Brett Paull said working with local and national organisations, such as the Australian Antarctic Division, Department of Defence, or Derwent Estuary Program alongside multinational instrument manufacturers like Thermo Fisher Scientific and Trajan Scientific and Medical, ensured the practical requirements of technology end-users were always front of mind.

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