School Grant Recipients in 2023

Congratulations to the 257 schools who received support for their National Science Week activity this year, including 15 schools in Tasmania.

Albuera Street Primary School
School Solar Oven Challenge

Austins Ferry Primary School
Rabbit Challenge Inquiry

Hilliard Christian School
Move It

Hobart College
National Science Week Home Group

Howrah Primary School
A Week of Wonderful Water

Jordan River Learning Federation Senior School
Science Fair

Kings Meadows High School
STEM Challenge

Leighland Christian School
School Community Science Fair

New Norfolk High School

Northern Support School
Innovation – Making it Work

Queechy High School
The Future of Tasmanian Industries

Sacred Heart College
The Great SHC Innovation Exploration

St Helens District High School
Community and Family Science Fair

St Patrick’s College
Our Science. Our Future. Energy Challenge

Swansea Primary School
STEM, building the future of Tasmania’s East Coast Industry Expo