STEM Together Future Shapers 

students in the forest investigating a dead log

CSIRO’s STEM Together Future Shapers is a recognition program for Year 5 to 10 students and their supporters.

‘Future Shapers’ get to design their own prize or experience to take their interest in real-world STEM further. Student nominees don’t need to be at the top of the class; and science and maths don’t need to be their favourite subjects… yet. This is for the curious, for those that invent things or those that want to make a positive change.

Future Shapers also recognises amazing people in the community that support students to build STEM capabilities.

The prize

Future Shaper winners work with our team to create a prize that’s tailored to the topic or skills they’re interested in, and explore new ideas through real-world STEM.

For example, a Future Shaper could:

  • connect to their ‘tribe’ at STEM camps or events
  • take a trip in Australia to see their area of interest in action
  • choose their own equipment or technology to keep exploring or creating; or
  • get face time or mentoring from the experts on the cutting edge of STEM.

…or they could choose something else. That’s the beauty of Future Shapers!


We prioritise opportunities for Year 5 to 10 students* that identify as one or more of the following groups: 

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • female 
  • from schools in regional areas
  • from schools in lower opportunity areas. 

You, or someone you know, can be recognised for helping these students* to build their confidence, capability, or connection with STEM.

Supporters can include, (but are not limited to) parents or family, elders, community group leaders, STEM industry professionals, educators, or other members of the community.

Nominations will be open from 27 March – 19 April 2023.

Find out more here.