Tasmanian winner recognises benefits of STEM Awards!

Whilst preparing for the esteemed STEM Excellence Awards for 2022, we have reflected on the years proceeding. It’s always encouraging to see such successful Tasmanian’s thrive in our state and beyond.
Last year’s STEM Innovation of the Year Award 2021 recipient, George Poulos from Jay-Nik Pty Ltd is no exception. The Minister’s Tasmanian STEM Innovation of the Year Award recognises the achievements of the state’s STEM entrepreneurs and highlights the importance of innovation in growing Tasmania’s community and economy.
Much is to be celebrated in Tasmania and in the STEM sector, as Mr Poulos stated recently, “As a medical technology start-up it is extremely rewarding to be recognised and acknowledged for the hard work and the persistence by your peers. We embraced the STEM award as a recognition of that work.”
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