QUESTACON is conducting a statewide survey for Tasmanian STEM Providers

Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre, QUESTACON is seeking survey participants to map STEM education and engagement in Tasmania. Survey will be open until Friday 7 August 2010.

Click the survey link here: Questacon Survey for Tasmanian STEM Providers

Questacon has initiated a study to map the STEM learning landscape in our region. The mapping will capture information on the range of providers, networks, activities and STEM priorities in the region.

The research findings will be shared widely to benefit organisations to plan, collaborate, and promote the collective capacity in Tasmania.

Informal STEM education providers can participate by completing a survey to share information about their organisation, networks and programs.

Many organisations provide informal STEM education and engagement opportunities for young people, educators, and communities – universities, museums and science centres, libraries, industries, local governments, and community organisations, clubs and groups (e.g. aero clubs, Mathletics teams, robotics), to name a few.

How can I be included in the map of the STEM learning landscape?

1.     Click on the survey link above to indicate your consent and complete the survey.

2.     Please forward this invitation to others in your networks involved in STEM education and engagement activities.

Your organisation will receive a copy of the findings. See attached information sheet to find out more about this research and Questacon’s programs.

The maximum time to complete the survey could be 30+ minutes – however, it may be significantly shorter based on your activities.

Questacon has engaged ARTD consultants to undertake this research. Although you may receive this invitation more than once, please only complete the survey once.

Questacon really values your support to undertake this important research. 

Please contact Jenny Booth at if you would like to discuss this research further.