Science Week grants re-released with a twist

Now, more than ever, the importance of science is at the forefront of our everyday lives.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that National Science Week in Tasmania will be heading online in 2020 and we’re offering grants of $500-$2,000 to make sure event holders are set up to deliver something fantastic for the community. Need equipment to ensure your live stream, video, or resources look their best? What about getting a tech person or moderator for your event? Do you need materials to create science-at-home packs for your local community? These are just a few of the ways you could use the funds. 

This year we’ll also be assessing grants a little differently, starting with an expression of interest.

All you have to do is let us know your idea and what you need the money for in a short letter by Friday 29 May 2020. If you’re successful, we’ll send you a link to the full application.

Some things to consider when writing your expression of interest:

  • Give a solid, brief overview of your event
  • Have an approach that benefits all of Tassie
  • Highlight how your event will add value to the overall science week program
  • Events and resources produced in rural and regional areas are strongly encouraged
  • Art + science events are also welcome
  • Previous grant recipients are welcome to apply

And if you’re wondering how you could possibly present your idea to an online audience, we have a guide for you here:

It’s about bringing events by Tasmanians, to Tasmanians that help us all understand and appreciate the world leading science, technology, engineering and maths happening in our state.

Email to get started. Even if you just have a question, we can help. If you’re after even MORE ideas around what type of events and activities you can host, or resources you can create, view our 2019 program of events [PDF].

A note to schools and teachers: This grant is for events that anyone in the community can attend or view so please keep that in mind if you’re applying. Please also check out the free resources for your class at

Best of luck with your planning! We’re excited about all the doors open to us this year. No longer are Tasmanian events confined to one location or town. They’re going to be accessible to more people including those across the Bass Strait and beyond.

The events and resources you create this year, and the things you learn along the way, will benefit Tasmania far into the future.

National Science Week is part of the Inspiring Australia program.